COLOR (25 pts.): Black, red, yellow, dun, blue, also the same colors in magpie markings. White, tigered in black, red, and yellow. (White in bull eye only).

HEAD (25 pts.): Broad, rounded off, wide high forehead, dropping off at back of head. Comes plain head or crested.

EYES (10 pts.): Light pearl, (bull-eyed in whites only) eye ceres are refined, flesh colored to red.

BEAK (20 pts.): Flesh color, short and thick, straight as possible.

BODY (15 pts.): Neck medium thick, slight curve and shaky, chest broad and rounded off, back short and wide. Wings short and wide and fitted close to the body, tail short.

LEGS (5 pts.): Short and groused, toe nails white.

Crested birds add 15 pts.


Very long body.
Thin beak.
Dark eyes.
Narrow forehead.
Cross beak, muff.


Split eyes.
Bull eyed in the colored birds.
Any missing primary or tail feathers.